New Ely bypass will attract more HGVs

EDDIE Holden makes a point about a hypothetical collision between two 40 tonne lorries on the alternative southern by-pass tunnel at the rail crossing. Surely the question is not what would happen if a collision occurred but why were the lorries there in the first place?

Most of the heavy traffic using the crossing has no benefit for Ely, and is used as an alternative to the inadequate trunk road system, mainly the A14 with its intersections at Cambridge and Huntingdon, and the ill thought out two-lane layout for large parts of the A14.

If the southern by-pass is constructed, then it will not solve a problem but create one. The route will be more attractive, and turn the A142 into a de facto trunk route and increase heavy traffic. The main beneficiaries will be the road haulage firms. There are no obvious benefits to the people of Ely. Our councillors opine otherwise but fail to give any details.

The alternative, and by for the cheapest one, is to make obligatory waiting bays for lorries with traffic light access to the crossing. Warnings of long delays at Ely could be placed well ahead, where keeping to the trunk roads is still an option.

Buses could have the permission to go directly to the crossing, as there will never be enough to crowd the ramp to the barriers.

Making life easier for road haulage firms lies not in Ely but over a larger area, which is the concern of UK Road Transport Authorities.


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