Network of Cambs’ local history websites re-launch

MAY I advise your readers of the re-launch of the Commanet network of local history websites.

The network has grown from a council funded pilot of seven linked but independent sites in East Cambs to the Cambridgeshire Community Archive Network, more than 40 sites county-wide.

Visiting will enable you to view the original network, and link you to the sites as they transfer.

The thing I would most urge readers to remember is the total dependence of these sites on the contributions of pictures, document images or personal recollections of the people of Cambridgeshire. If any of you have items of interest, it is very easy to contribute.

If you have such items but feel you lack the expertise to enter them, every site will have contact links, all will be glad to advise and some may be able to take over the task.

Remember above all that history includes memorable events occurring now and your accounts and images of these are just as important as those from the mists of the past.


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