Near miss for Green Party candidate in Euro elections

The Green Party Euro lead candidate in the east, Dr Rupert Read, was once again runner-up when the election results came in.

However, the Greens overtook coalition partners the Lib-Dems, whose vote collapsed.

Dr Read said: “I want to thank every single person who voted Green on May 22. You have contributed to a movement that is growing, and will only continue to grow.

Green is the future, if there is to be a future at all.

“It is terrifying that a Party whose basis is victim-blaming and which denies the very reality of dangerous human-influenced climate chaos has done so well at these elections.

“I blame the tiny handful of multi- millionaires who bankroll that party, and the national media for giving them bucket loads of coverage while ignoring the rise in the Green Party vote.

“I hope that once people realise what that party actually stands for they will turn away from it in disgust, and turn to the Green Party, which offers a positive alternative to the old, failed parties.”

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Green party Euro candidate for the eastern region