Motorcyclists and ravers are not good for the peace and quiet of Wicken Fen

I went on to Wicken Fen for a community liaison forum meeting and with another member pursued a complaint received from a Burwell gentleman that the National Trust had caused or permitted the obstruction by flooding and mud of a public footpath known as Footpath Number Nine.

The path is in Burwell Fen, which is largely controlled by the Trust.

I produced a photograph of the flooding and mud and I and my lone ally advised the Trust officers in no uncertain terms that they should respect and not obstruct public rights of way including public footpaths.

An officer said: “We have made a mistake.” The sooner it is made right the better for our rights.

A Trust officer also reported other “unfortunate situations” in Burwell Fen. Motor cyclists have been running riot in this part of the Wicken Vision which is supposed to be part of the Wicken Fen National Nature Reserve.

Motor cyclists running riot are not good for nature which needs peace and quiet.

A major rave occurred in November and barns were broken into and rubbish strewn around. Some 1,200 people were there and made a lot of noise. Raves and noise are not good for nature which needs peace and quiet.

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Worst of all, it appears that people with dogs have been hunting and killing deer in Burwell Fen. Several carcasses, presumably stripped of the best venison, have been discovered. This is contrary to the Hunting Act 2004 and is not good for nature which needs peace and quiet.

My impression is that the area of the Wicken Vision is much too large for the National Trust to care for and guard properly and that this is not good for nature which needs peace and quiet.

The farms that were taken by the Trust were very productive and peace and quiet prevailed. These people call it all ‘conservation’ and ‘progress.’

They are mistaken - again.


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