More and more dog owners are failing to pick up their pets’ mess

I am contacting you in the hope you may be able to help get people’s attention about the increase in the amount of dog owners not picking up their dogs’ mess lately.

I live just off Stour Green in Ely and have noticed a dramatic increase in mess being left on the green and pavements.

On my front door we’ve had four instances where it’s been left in the last few weeks and I’ve had to clean it up.

This is an area where a lot of children play and people in the area are fed up. I’ve posted on local sites and all the feedback was in support of doing something about it.

On New Year’s Eve I saw a man let his dog mess right next to the dog bin and walk away. In the week before Christmas, I saw two parents step in some on the school run.

Last Wednesday, my son stepped in it outside our door and unfortunately I didn’t notice straight away. It was all over the car seats, his clothes and hands etc. It’s such a health risk for children.

I find it extremely inconsiderate and lazy of people.

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Nappy bags don’t cost much. If you don’t have one and your dog messes just knock on a door and ask for a plastic bag.

Anything you can do to help highlight this issue would be much appreciated.

For some reason lately it seems to be getting worse.


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