McCarthy & Stone hopes to play a part in providing specialist homes to meet older residents’ needs

WE note the recent debate in the Ely Standard regarding McCarthy & Stone’s planning application for the redevelopment of the Croylands Day Care Centre in Ely, a site which has been offered for redevelopment by the County Council.

As with all of our developments, the aim is to provide and address the need for specialist housing for an ageing population, and create homes that both increase the wellbeing of our residents and their wish to be part of a community.

By 2035, it is estimated there will be 30,000 people aged over 65 in the East Cambridgeshire District, up from the 14,200 currently aged over 65 and over – that’s an increase of 111 per cent.

While we recognise that any planning application can generate interest, we always try to work with the local community to address any areas of concern and incorporate any feedback on initial designs from nearby residents.

For example, at Ely we have revised our initial plans in response to comments received. The new extension proposed for the rear of Croylands has been reduced in size from the original design, with the omission of one apartment, and the roof has been re-designed to reduce the building’s height and to include more traditional, attractive roofing materials.

We have also omitted the proposed two storey extension to the south side of Croylands to better accommodate the existing yew trees growing over the site boundary from the neighbouring garden. Although many of the residents in our properties often do not drive, and the proximity to the town centre will reduce the need for car use, we have also increased the number of car parking spaces.

An independent tree expert has been consulted and they will provide a comprehensive impact assessment of all the trees onsite including any that are diseased, and we will of course follow their recommendations.

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At present, there are just 119 specialist housing units for purchase in the district to meet the needs of older residents. We hope to play our part in meeting a vast unmet need.


Managing Director, Midlands

McCarthy & Stone

Via e-mail