Marjorie Randall: A redoubtable and lively lady who ran evening classes in 70s and 80s

I recently learned of the passing of Marjorie Randall.

Not many people may remember her now, but she and her late husband, John, used to run the evening classes (further education) from Bedford House, back in the 70s-80s. I worked in the office at Ely Community College.

John died some years ago, but Marjorie was a very redoubtable and lively lady and lived into her late 80s.

I remember she always dressed in such lovely clothes and her character was like a breath of fresh air - a real tonic whenever she visited our office.

She was very strong-minded, which I admired. She always had so much of interest to impart.

After moving to Norfolk in 2004, I kept in touch with her for several years.

I remember her once saying that if at all possible, I really should visit Cologne Cathedral. Well, we finally did last September and I thought of her as we walked around this beautiful place.

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There were no children, but she and John loved their animals, sometimes bringing their dachshund into work at Bedford House.

He would always want to give me a ‘present’, usually rummaging in the waste paper bin for a screwed up piece of paper!

Wonderful memories.



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