Many benefits to living in a McCarthy & Stone development

I AM the Chairman of the Independent Forum of the Residents of McCarthy & Stone (InFoRM).

I have lived at Salter Court in Colchester, a McCarthy & Stone development comprising 81 apartments, for more than five years.

There are many significant advantages to be gained from purpose-built retirement accommodation. A key benefit is that often when we move to our apartment we free up a large family home, thus providing accommodation for a family seeking such a property.

Another benefit is that a strong sense of community develops amongst the residents who help and look out for each other. I have a much greater sense of belonging where I live now than in any of the places I have previously lived.

At Salter Court, we have an excellent house manager. Her prime role is to look after the building and ensure that all the communal facilities are working properly.

Although I am 73 years old I recognise that the baby boomers of the mid 1940s are now also reaching state retirement age and thus the need for owner occupied retirement accommodation is going to increase significantly over the next few years.

This tells me that we should do much more to facilitate the provision of this type of specialist accommodation for older people, particularly in towns where there is currently very little provision.

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