COMMENT: Lyn of Littleport

The Crown Inn in Littleport.

The Crown Inn in Littleport. - Credit: Archant

More and more people are choosing to come and live and work here in Littleport than ever before.

Fascinatingly, at a crowded Littleport Society meeting, that’s held on the first Tuesday evening of every month, when the guest speaker asked, how many of you are born and bred in Littleport, less than half a dozen hands went up!

This influx of new residents brings with it not just their talents, but broader attitudes and higher expectations of service providers in the areas of policing, medical provision, social housing and so-on. It can only impact to the good for everyone who lives in Littleport, including the original indigenous population.

Littleport has around 4,000 separate dwellings, including some tenanted houses and flats owned by housing associations that conform to best practice, and some let by mostly decent private landlords…

The Highfields housing development is a good example of the new burgeoning Littleport in microcosm.

A mixture of younger owners, owner tenants, and tenants of housing associations, all living in quality buildings within easy reach of our local shops, primary and secondary schools and amenities like the new leisure centre.

And there’s never a shortage of things to do of an evening over a weekend either in the village.

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This Saturday (November 11), Littleport Ex-Servicemen’s Club on Ponts Hill has ‘Splash’ a great duo who entertain on cruise ships too, with songs from the 60s to the 80s.

While lovers of Reggae music will go for Ziggy and his amazin’ dreadlocks at the Crown Inn! The Plough & Harrow have ‘Victims of Time’ acoustic and classic rock music for all ages!

And we have our Littleport Village Hall that has always occupied a special place for the community, since it replaced the old town hall built in 1879 that now houses the library - which also hosts events like the regular camera club.

As well as providing a super venue for celebrations of every kind, community based or private functions; the WI, the Flower Arranging Club, and the Littleport Society of previous mention, have all met there regularly for years, as has the Littleport New Christian Spiritualists’ Society group since 1998.

The NCSS church has hosted many international mediums at their services in the village hall. Tonight (November 9) at 7.30pm, famous mediums Alan Acton and Judith Freeman, recently returned from a successful tour in America, are demonstrating their psychic skills. Entry is £2.