Littleport Ice Stadium Project anything but a ‘pipe dream’ – many will benefit from (possibly) £30m scheme

It seems Mr Smith of Littleport is not only convinced that we don’t stand a chance of having an international ice skating venue in the village, but is strangely concerned with hazarding guesses as to why he thinks the project won’t happen.

He wonders who would fund the (possibly) £30million project, doubts any EU interest in advance, thinks that they will see it as a useless object (in his words, a “white elephant”) and opines that the ice rink being built near Cambridge will be sustainable.

He refers to my well-thought project as a ‘pipe dream’.

The Littleport Ice Stadium Project aims to provide a clean place, where anyone and everyone will be pleased to visit, and mostly participate, in the sporting and recreational pursuits on offer.

An ecologically and environmentally sustainable structure, generating its own energy needs via solar roof panelling etc., will provide work both paid and voluntary when it’s built – the prep and building of it will also give employment to many.

Local businesses will benefit all-round and new retail outlets will be attracted to the locale. Because it’s of international competition dimensions, many staged events will attract tourists from the UK and around the world.


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