Littleport ice rink plan is nothing more than a pipe dream

I was reading Lyn Guest’s plans for an ice rink in Littleport and I thought to myself, at a cost of £30million, who’s paying?

I very much doubt that the EU will give any funding to this white elephant.

First of all, there’s not enough interest or people in the village to make it sustainable.

To throw a spanner in the works, in Cambridge there’s new ice rink plans for the Newmarket Road park and ride site, and this has recently been waved through.

An ice rink in Cambridge would be sustainable.

I’m sorry but this is no more than a pipe dream that will not happen.

No doubt the parish council will approve, but it will ask the same question – where is the funding for such a grand scheme and how will you sustain it?

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At a cost of £30million, there are Premier League football clubs up and down the country dreaming of a new stadium, there’s money in football and it’s popular and televised.

So what chance does an ice rink have?


Parson’s Lane