Lib Dems’ attempt to claim credit for Ely car park charges U-turn is disgraceful

THE recent letter by the deputy leader of the Lib Dems is an absolute disgrace.

There was a constant refusal by the Lib Dems to do anything about the car parking charges in Ely, abstaining from expressing any opinion at all.

One might think they wanted the Conservative Group to introduce the charges, so they would benefit in the drop in the Tory vote.

Not once have they said they would not introduce parking charges, nor did they say they would have reversed the decision should they have gained control of East Cambridgeshire District Council.

I do not think many covered themselves in glory about parking charges in Ely. Mike Rouse, Elaine Griffin-Singh and Anna Bailey were the ONLY people, on any side of the council, to speak out about the charges.

For the Lib Dems to try and get some glory for the change in policy only shows them in their true colours. Do they really think the electorate can’t see through that?

I am glad that sense prevailed and think Andrew Olley and his band of helpers deserve credit here, not the Lib Dems who are clearly trying to score points.

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