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Amongst the litter she has found was a trampoline, a microwave and a car engine. It seems that Ms Hunter cannot differentiate between dropping litter and fly-tipping. I feel I am on quite safe ground to claim that such items would not fit into the average rambler’s rucksack!

AS a regular rambler with the Ely Walking Group and the Cambridge Rambling Club I must make some comment regarding the article in last week’s Ely Standard which contained derogatory comments by Liz Hunter. She complained about ramblers and dog walkers blighting Roswell Pits and Pocket Park with litter and dog faeces. While I cannot comment on the actions of dog walkers, I can assure Ms Hunter that ramblers are not the guilty party.

Amongst the litter she has found was a trampoline, a microwave and a car engine. It seems that Ms Hunter cannot differentiate between dropping litter and fly-tipping. I feel I am on quite safe ground to claim that such items would not fit into the average rambler’s rucksack! I can also confidently claim that ramblers are careful not to leave litter of any kind.

As a group we are very conscious of our rural heritage, and unlike many others, we observe the country code. We recognise footpaths and we close gates and protect plants and animals. I am well aware of the amount of rubbish that is casually and carelessly discarded throughout the length and breadth of England and we are, without doubt, the litter louts of Western Europe. However, it is not ramblers who are to blame for this situation. My wife and I walk in the countryside and note with horror that littering has now reached epidemic proportion. We do find that the greatest amount of litter can be found deposited on roadside verges, especially lay-bys. The major culprits are motorists who have little concern for the countryside they pass through.

Ms Hunter seems to have a low opinion of ramblers but if she would care to find out how ramblers operate I cordially invite her to join us at the Ely Walking Group. She would find the members responsible, sociable and definitely not litter louts. We are very aware of our responsibilities and as ramblers are very concerned about our fragile environment and we do our utmost to preserve it.



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EAST Cambs residents deserve to have the choices in shopping that residents of other cities have, so I welcome the coming of Aldi and Lidl, just as I would welcome Morrison’s, ASDA and any other companies that are willing to invest locally. The increasing variety of products and competitive pricing are to our benefit.


By email.

I HAVE read your articles on the proposed motorcross at Mepal.

Even without the license, the noise from the site is already a real nuisance. I agree with one comment comparing it to a swarm of bees buzzing around constantly. It’s not a loud bass sound; it is a constant buzzing which you can hear in the house, in the garden, everywhere.

Living in the country is suppose to be peaceful and relaxing with the sound of birds etc.

Currently if you step outside all you can hear on the occasions that the site is in use is the buzz of motorbikes. It is like a toothache, a constant niggling nuisance. To have this site used for events will be intolerable and ruin the village for many residents.


By email

WE read with interest that planning permission had been refused for the Block Fen site to hold more Motocross and other motorsport events. A long time ago as keen motorcyclists we used to love watching trials and scrambles held all over the country. We were aware of the noise and most venues did appear to be deep in the countryside.

However, I am not sure we appreciated just how far the sound could travel. We sympathise with Mepal residents as Block Fen is close to their village, but we here in Coveney across the Fen we can also hear the motocross events.

Surely modern bikes can use silencers to deaden some of the noise? Although we appreciate that the sound of a well serviced motorbike is music to the ears of the participants it is an unholy noise to others. We feel the 14 days already permitted is sufficient.



I WRITE in reply to the letter last week in which the writer suggested that I need to learn some learn humility. Many years ago as a young soldier I grew up fast and as for you saying I am cocky, sorry I prefer to think of myself as outspoken. If you want to know more about me, you can visit my website and read my life story and you might just learn something.

I do have a following of people in and around Ely who look forward to my letters as I say the things that most people are thinking and if the truth hurts then so be it.

As far as your other comments go, we elected these councillors to run Ely and when they scrutinised those signature on the petition they were only doing their jobs.

If you don’t like the decisions that our councillors have made then you can cast your vote at the next election. The Ely Traders’ Association is now in a stand-off with the council and they are likely to bring the council down. This is an elected body from the people by the people, but until the next elections this council is there whether you like it or not.

It looks as if car parking charges might be shelved for a while, but it will happen eventually. Changes will come and the large companies are not going to listen to you so I say move forward with the times now or lose out later.


Ely Road

Little Downham

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