LETTERS: Some of your thoughts on what’s been happening in Ely and East Cambs

What do you readers think of the news and events in Ely? Here’s a selection from our postbag

In reply to Eddie Holden’s comment in last week’s paper about Ely Traders Association being losers in the campaign for free parking.

Not encouraging people to come into town, as they only have two hours or 30 minutes to park, is absolute rubbish.

I think you will find we have all- day free parking, with four, three and two-hour zones. A choice the same as pay parking.

Please don’t keep knocking Ely Traders Association for supporting the traders trying to earn a living. Support them in these hard times.



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Where are the loos?

We are very fortunate here in Ely to have open places to take children to – Cherry Hill Park, Jubilee Gardens and Pocket Park.

But there are no public toilets in any of them, which I think there should be.

I can’t be the only person who has had young children with them who need the toilet.

You can’t tell them to ‘hang on’ as when they need it, they need it now!



Better next time

I thank most sincerely all of those electors of Soham South, Wicken, Padney and Upware who voted for me.

I did nowhere near well enough to win but, as I have said to some people, in life there is nearly always another day.

In this case, less than a year’s time.


Independent candidate, Soham South by-election

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Toll congestion

Robin Green suggested making Ely Bypass a toll road (letters, June 5).

I thought the idea was to stop congestion at the railway?

A toll road would result in more lorries trying to come over the railway to avoid paying toll fees.



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Disappearing ducks

I live near the Riverside in Ely and have noticed an extreme lack of ducks and geese.

Has there been a cull?


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