LETTER: Wicken residents are fed up with poor bin service

Since Violia took over the contract for the waste collection route for Wicken, the residents of Lower Road have been overlooked on 14 occasions, either for recycling or black bags.

This week was the 14th time and despite persistent calls to East Cambridgeshire District Council from residents, it took two days before the bags were collected. During that time bags were moved to a variety to locations to prevent them attracting pests on the road verge and by the time they were collected they were very smelly.

The residents are getting very fed up with continually having to ring up and complain when this is a service we expect to be undertaken as part of our Council Tax payments. On a slightly different note but also with reference to Violia, the drivers of the lorry seem to show little regard to others who may be using the roads.

Some of the lanes in Wicken are quite narrow (but passable with these vehicles) and yet the drivers appear intent on getting between pick-ups as quickly as possible.

Two routes in particular are Lower Road and Lode Lane, one inside the 30 limit and one outside. Both are single track and part of the local cycle network. As a result children can regularly be expected to be encountered along these lanes as can on coming traffic.

Instead of worrying about getting back to the depot as quickly as possible, there should be greater awareness shown of the potential for other people to be around. Do we have to wait for an accident to happen before they slow down?


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