LETTER: ‘What can I do to help refugees?’

Here I sit alone and worried for all of the refugees. I am lucky, I have a roof over my head in the country I grew up in.

Sadly the government of this country thinks it can put a number on how many refugees to take. I am lucky, I have a spare bedroom. Sadly due to me being ill, I cannot work and therefore pay the bedroom tax.

How lucky am I? Lucky enough to see that I can help someone who has nowhere to live, like a refugee.

Please, I ask you, how can I help, on my own? Will the churches pull together to organise ‘spare bedrooms’ or are people going to have to sleep on the floor? Are people going to be offered B&B? I believe in charity and have volunteered in various charity shops, but not once did it make me feel like this. We share this planet. We should share what we have in a time of war, as this is a war. This is not another episode of Eastenders. This is really happening. And happening in real-life.

So, I will be glad to hear how we can all help, not just by driving to Calais with food and men’s clothes. What about long term?


High Barns

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