LETTER: ‘We want still to keep Sunday just a little bit special’

We have a real problem on this issue in East Cambridgeshire. There are powerful interests at work behind the scenes and these powerful interests are supported by leading district councillors.

I believe that our district councillors will decide what is to happen in East Cambridgeshire (which is fair enough) but I suggest - respectfully - that our district councillors take as much notice of their electors - many of whom want to keep Sunday special for at least part of the day - as of the powerful interests who, for a variety of reasons, don’t seem to care about us.

The lead government minister on this issue is Sajid Javid MP, who was born into a Pakistani Muslim family: I wonder whether he wants to keep Fridays special.

The lead signatory on a recent Sunday trading letter (also signed by district councillor James Palmer) to the Daily Telegraph was Grant Shapps MP, who was born into a Jewish family: I wonder whether he wants to keep Saturdays special.

I am not a regular churchgoer but many of my friends are church or chapel-goers. We want still to keep Sunday just a little bit special.

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