LETTER: ‘We still need to work on uniting the divided people in this country’

Britain has decided - and that was a democratic decision, whether we like it or not.

I, for one, accept the result even though I still believe we would be better off in Europe. Despite the close East Cambridgeshire result, the people of Ely overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU and I thank you for that.

We know that the foundation for the Leave campaign was a significant number of lies – within hours of the result, the leaders of the Leave campaign started withdrawing all the claims and promises made during the referendum campaign.

But the decision has been made and we must now work together for a united country going forward. The UK will be different - there will definitely be changes in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar that may alter the UK beyond all recognition, but it does not take away the fact that the decision was made.

There is a demand for another referendum - and the Leave campaign had made it clear that a 48/52 result would mean a second referendum, but they only meant if they were the losers.

But it would be better to move on and work out our future with the EU and trying to build the closest links that we possibly can.

It is probable that a lot of the reasons why certain people entered the campaign so prominently was to further their own careers - but those decisions now look like a poison chalice. But we still need to work on uniting the divided people in this country.

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But as local conservative councillors were gloating over the result on Friday morning, I wonder if they were aware of the hatred that was springing up across Cambridgeshire and the country – with the police now investigating a number racist incidents, including cards telling Polish people to leave the country.

What we need now is to put all of this hatred behind us and fight to build a safe, prosperous and welcoming country, strong in Europe and across the world.

I call on each of you to reject outright the racism being displayed across the country.

Christine Whelan

Lib Dem focus team