LETTER: ‘We don’t want our policing to have a hint of dynastic about it’

I was more than a little surprised to read that Sir Graham Bright, the outgoing but incumbent police and crime commissioner for Cambridgeshire (Ely Standard March 3) seemed to be openly endorsing the merits of one of the candidates in the forthcoming election to appoint his successor.

I can understand him (Sir Graham) having a personal opinion on the matter but surely, good governance would dictate that for now at least, he keeps that to himself.

I seem to recall that Alec Wood, the chief constable, when assuming the role in 2015 was (worryingly) the only candidate and was promoted from deputy by the commissioner. While the PCC process has the benefit of a plebiscite, one would hardly want our policing to have even a hint of the dynastic about it.


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