LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Your story on Wilburton public park does us a disservice and your report represents just one man’s opinion

Wilburton Play Park,

Wilburton Play Park, - Credit: Archant

Why would you run a story which seems to do a disservice to the number of people in the village of Wilburton who worked hard volunteering their time to bring this much needed public park to Wilburton?

This story clearly represents one man’s opinions and yet the Ely Standard has run the story as if all of Wilburton are suffering because of this new park. We are not!

This park is loved and used by so many families. It brings friends and families together in a much needed outdoor community space! It encourages our children to play together outdoors and exercise. There is noise but it is the sounds of the community at play, of picnics, fun, laughter and joy.

As Chris Fella stated in your article this was a village project which took the time to consider people’s opinions as part of the consultation. They changed the existing plans to remove a zip line (which the majority of villagers were in favour of installing) to placate those fears over the noise the zip line would make.

Why did the Ely Standard not interview the families using the park to show a more balanced opinion? Why did you not interview the volunteers who worked hard to bring this park to the community?

I think you can see from the comments on your website, Mr Ludbrooke is in the minority opinion regarding the park in our village.

You also stated in your article that the park is 20 feet from Mr Ludbrooke’s house - did you measure? It is clearly much longer from his actual house on the other side of a thick set of conifers, to the park on the other side of the green at Berristead Close.

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Finally why would you post such an unflattering picture of our beautiful new park? A close up of the rules with the equipment out of focus does not do justice to the area and the quality of the new equipment.

If your photographer had turned slightly to the right they would have seen the long distance to Mr Ludbrooke’s house... And if they came at the right time they might have captured how many people enjoy the park in our village.

Poor form Ely Standard!