LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Proposed redundancies at East Cambs Council are a high risk strategy which could cost more than it saves

How the new north Ely development will look

How the new north Ely development will look - Credit: Archant

The Ely Standard’s front page on April 3 reported an alarming level of stress among staff at East Cambridgeshire District Council and a sharp rise in the number of absences through illness.

At present, the Conservatives are seeking to impose sweeping economies, while continuing with expensive prestige projects.

The cinema and leisure centre outside Ely have cost almost £1million before a brick has been laid, while facilities we already have at the Paradise Centre could be refurbished much more cheaply.

Support for Dial-a-Ride has ceased and ADeC has been given away to Ely City Council, which will inevitably withdraw support from arts activities outside Ely.

Planning and forward planning must be a priority as the development of 3,000 homes to the north of Ely is considered. Mereham was turned away, but this new expansion is comparable, with 40 per cent more residents.

Much more than a southern bypass will be required to enable individuals and vehicles to easily enter, leave or pass close to Ely.

Great improvements are already needed to the A10 towards Cambridge, the A142 towards March and longer trains on main routes. Is giving money to improve the A14 a sensible priority?

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The 20 proposed redundancies, which include the loss of valued staff with expertise and experience in many key areas, are a high risk strategy, which could cost more than it is hoped to save.

A number of Conservative councillors have seen this and resigned from their group.


Ely South

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