LETTER: ‘There is no cohesive plan for this economically important area’

As the cost of living in Cambridge increases and wages, particularly in the public sector, fail to keep pace.

More people are commuting into Cambridge from surrounding settlements. Ely and Newmarket have seen significant developments with no improvements in infrastructure leading to an ever more congested transport system.

The congestion on the A10 not only causes severe delays but there have been three major accidents in the last two weeks resulting in two fatalities.

The rail network cannot cope with demand and the rail companies admit that capacity cannot be increased. This is an acute problem here in Waterbeach with peak trains physically full. In some cases schoolchildren attempting to get to college in Cambridge have been forcibly ejected by other passengers.

With further developments planned, including an 8,500 home new town at Waterbeach, and with recent government funding announcements focusing on the north and London. There appears to be no cohesive plan for this economically important area.


Cambridge Road

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