LETTER: Take a holiday Mr Woollard

You obviously didn’t read my letter in full Mr Woollard, and it didn’t surprise me that you were the first one to put your hand up.

And I know that you were the first one to put your hand up when it came to the Council Tax rise.

I didn’t ask a question that evening, for your information I actually put the voters first, and let them have their say, as question time is usually limited.

The best question of the night, came from some youngsters asking about future job prospects, and with the current levels of immigration, it’s understandable, and not your question about “peace”’, I think we’re all looking for peace…

After reading the minutes at a recent town council meeting you attended, it states that councillors voiced objection to your general line of questioning, and you were asked to stop!

Being an ex-Conservative, and not liking UKIP, is there anyone that you actually like, answers on a postcard please. Or perhaps we could just do the hokey-cokey, in, out, shake it all about, a song to be used for the EU referendum I hear, whatever the result in June.