LETTER: Stop having a hissy fit over Brexit and let’s make Britain great

I’m fed up, fed up to the back teeth with hearing the likes of Geoffrey Woollard whingeing on and on because they lost.

What part of democracy do they not understand?

We had a fair vote and the majority of the country voted to leave.

We did not vote on the basis of lies and half truths, we voted with our hearts.

We are fed up with the way the EU is run, the massive waste of our money and the fact that we are being ruled by a lot of self serving liars and jokers.

It is not what we voted for in the last referendum and we want out.

To bring the 28 per cent into the conversation is irrelevant, if they had bothered to get themselves down to the polls you could say we might have won with a massive majority.

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Also, you might reflect on the fact that if the Remain camp had led a fair and honest campaign you could well have pulled it off, instead it resorted to lies, doom gloom and plagues of locusts.

Stop having a hissy fit Geoffrey, you lost whether you can live with it or not, we don’t want another vote.

It’s not like the justice system where you keep appealing till you get the result you like, it was one vote and that’s it, lets get on with making Britain a great country again that trades with the whole of the world.


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