LETTER: Signs in an Ely car park are misleading and should be altered claims driver

Barton Road car park sign

Barton Road car park sign - Credit: Archant

On Thursday August 13 we decided to have a day out in Lowestoft as it was my husband’s birthday, and thought we would go by train.

We decided to park in Barton Road car park so when we returned in the evening we wouldn’t have such a long walk home.

However, our nice day out was spoilt by coming back to our car to find we had a parking ticket. So I would like to warn others who might do the same thing as the notices are very misleading as they say you can park after 8.30am and stay all day, then it says there are: No limits outside the above hours.

Which is what people are going to read when they start to read the main sign. An additional sign at the bottom has been added afterwards, which says: Bays inside the red lined area are reserved for market traders on Thursdays and Saturdays. So the council have stated no limits, and then added limits at a later date and not taken the trouble to alter the signs correctly.

We had no idea these restrictions had been added, and I wonder how many other people have come unstuck in this way. Our appeal was rejected, however, I still feel the sign needs to be changed.

Ann Mitchell

Debden Green,

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