LETTER: Road markings on the A10 have done nothing to improve traffic flow

Too little, too late! The changed lane markings on the A10 approaching the golf club roundabout have done nothing to make life easier for traffic coming towards Ely.

At present, vehicles on the A142 coming from the train station have priority at the roundabout over all traffic from Cambridge on the A10, wherever it wishes to continue. When the southern bypass is opened, the situation will be made worse.

Already, traffic in the evening rush hour approaching Ely from Cambridge can queue for many miles; urgent action is needed.

Traffic lights at that roundabout, at peak times, should be the minimum. A left hand filter lane for traffic continuing on the A10 towards King’s Lynn would be helpful.

Delays will get worse if the planners do not anticipate.

We know that 3,000 new homes are scheduled for the north side of the city and, unless action is taken beforehand, we can expect chaos when they are occupied. £35 million for the bypass is a lot of money to find but it will not have been well spent if an overall traffic plan is not in place: sooner, rather than later.

Should the district council agree to contribute generously towards updating the A14, outside the district?

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All councils are short of money, perhaps the Council already has too many costly and ambitious projects under way.


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