LETTER: Reliable public transport would be better for Ely commuters

Ely bypass bridge visualisation

Ely bypass bridge visualisation - Credit: Archant

The more I hear about the Ely bypass, the more it worries me. £30 million is a huge amount of money; am I the only one sceptical about the relief of congestion this new bypass will actually bring?

It seems that no-one is strongly considering that a new road will simply encourage more traffic, not to mention large amounts of noise and air pollution, queues of vehicles within the city itself, and increased pressure on car parking.

Should we not be investing instead in more sustainable methods of public transport, such as the Soham railway station, a park and ride, or a guided bus-way? For example, it would be much easier to upgrade a busy park and ride system with more buses than it would be to build more roads for yet more traffic on another log-jammed highway.

We need to provide reliable and effective public transport for commuters that are suffering because of large, commercial vehicles holding up traffic at the railway crossing. This is the ultimate cause of the problem; not the average person travelling to work.


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