LETTER: ‘Reasons for rejection turbines made me smile’

The reasons for rejection of the Redhill turbines made me smile.

Firstly, Mitchells Farm airstrip is unlicensed and used as a leisure activity, highways had access issues and yet never seemed to have issues with the solar farm at Stretham.

Why have English Heritage got a problem with impact on Stretham Engine after all the large solar farm would have impacted on the Engine too or was there more to that?

As for distracting drivers on the A10 I suggest you take a good long look at the newly erected turbines on the A14 westbound near Molesworth - not one accident or close ‘shave’ has been caused by negligent drivers looking at the massive turbines.

I must congratulate Fenland Council, Huntingdon Council in their forward thinking regarding renewable unlike Ely District Council that live in the past, will stay in the past and become the dinosaurs that they are now.

It appears to me that the only projects that get approval are those that will benefit Ely Council. Nothing should be approved/refused because of the cathedral - not everyone is of that religious persuasion and I’m sure the Dean and Chapter would be horrified to think they ‘ruled’ the area. Stop thinking of yourselves and think of the generations to come.


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