LETTER: Plans for alternative coach park in Ely seems to be ‘going under the radar’

Barton Road coach park

Barton Road coach park - Credit: Archant

These pictures were taken by a fellow concerned resident within a few minutes of each at about noon on Thursday March 17 at Barton Road coach park and on The Gallery.

Coaches parked in The Gallery

Coaches parked in The Gallery - Credit: Archant

As you can see, our coach park is far from “under-utilised”....

Also, it seems East Cambridgeshire District Council are proposing to provide a new coach park on the existing stretch of Cresswells Lane, Ely, just beyond the turn off to Sainsbury’s Car Park.

Details of this can be found on East Cambs website www.eastcambs.gov.uk/parking/car-parks-ely-0 or by calling into the council offices.

There is no mention of how many spaces will be created or, indeed, how coaches are expected to turn. To say nothing of the chaos which would be caused to deliveries for Sainsbury’s or, indeed, to the residents and businesses concerned with even more large vehicles going along Broad Street and Lisle Lane!

You would have thought that, as someone who has commented on the proposed removal of Barton Road coach park, I might have received a letter from the council.

But as there is no mention of these new plans on the planning website it all seems to me be going “under the radar”.

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I wonder if the council have consulted with Sainsbury’s, Royal Mail, local coach companies or residents and businesses along this route?

Any objections to these proposals must be lodged by April 6 2016 either in writing to the chief executive of ECDC at Nutholt Lane or via email parking@eastcambs.gov.uk