LETTER: ‘Parents who sneer and say they are glad they didn’t send their kids to college isn’t helpful’

Ely College has always had the reputation of being a ‘dump’ or not a great school, so it was brilliant when they received a ‘good’ inspection when they did.

It’s disheartening for parents who were kept in the dark how things have gone downhill and for some of us we are stuck with our catchment school, so to have parents sneer at us and say they’re glad they didn’t send their kids there isn’t helpful.

But just to give an example of how my eldest son did at this ‘dump’ school, he started when it wasn’t a ‘good’ Ofsted school and he achieved maths GCSE a year early with an A*, went on to do further maths and got an A, he also received A*s in English language and English literature, geography, art, biology, physics, chemistry and A in economics and French.

Not bad for a school everybody classed as a dump when he started, so I see no reason why Ely College cannot turn themselves around and be good again.

My son is now at Southampton University studying an integrated Masters degree, this is on the foundation of Ely College.


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