LETTER: ‘Out of hours or out of touch?’

The proposed relocation of the GP out of hours service from Chesterton has attracted a wide range of comments.

Whilst on the face of it having access to the facilities at Addenbrooke’s does make some sense there are several factors that have not been addressed.

The accessibility and parking issues at Addenbrookes are obvious causes for concern.

The current stresses on A&E and actually physically locating such a service on an already overcrowded site are also issues that require closer attention.

The current location is relatively central, allowing access from across the city and the adjacent CB3/4 postcodes are home to the highest populations within the City boundary.

This service is also used by the settlements to the north of Cambridge such as Milton, Girton, Histon and Waterbeach. An area set for rapid population growth in the coming years with the developments at Northstowe and Waterbeach barracks. With the threatened closure of the Minor Injuries Unit in Ely and now the proposed relocation of GP services, this area is set to see a reduction in medical facilities just at a time when there should be plans for expansion.

In their Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG argues against centralisation of services and states that “more health and care services will be provided closer to people’s homes and we will help people stay at home when they’re unwell”

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They say that no plan survives the first contact with the enemy yet the STP does not seem to have made it that far.


Waterbeach Labour Group

Via email