LETTER: No-one knew of Cambridgeshire devolution consultation

You have reported on the Tory selection of Cllr. Palmer as a candidate for mayor.

I have asked local people and none of us even knew there was a consultation on the decision for devolution or a mayor.

Surely every council tax payer should have been contacted vs. the 2,280 polled by MORI and the 1,500 on line.

Although MORI showed a majority for each part of the consultation, the on line consultation showed concern about devolving from Central Government with 31 per cent for a mayor and 59 per cent against.

This smacks of the usual lack of democracy by Cambridgeshire and, seemingly, Peterborough.

How on earth can such a serious decision (rejected by Suffolk and Norfolk I believe) be taken based on the opinions of 3,780 people, given that Soham alone has 11,000 plus souls?

Let us bear in mind that our councils are unable to offer necessary care for those who need to come home from hospital, but somehow can afford this very expensive option.

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Who foots the bill? Silly me, yet again the tax/council taxpayer.

Incidentally I know not who, representing other parties, is opposing Cllr. Palmer.


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