LETTER: mobile homes on Longstanton Airfield would create affordable homes for low paid citizens

Putting 5,000 mobile homes on the Longstanton Airfield would go a long way to creating accessible homes for Cambridge’s lower paid and desperate citizens.

This solution can be delivered in months rather than years, and can make way for the new town as it develops, ensuring that these temporary homes are indeed temporary.

I can guarantee a privately financed, fully functional 5,000 person community within two years of permission being granted by councils and a land owner.

When the idea was floated at last weeks “how should Cambridge grow seminar”, typically, Cllr Herbert, leader of the City Council, immediately wrote-off the idea, quoting the controversy over a recent isolated modular home, and the problems he associated with travellers.

Neither of which is relevant to the idea.

Over the last 30 years I have offered councils a range of innovative ideas for mitigating the infrastructure problems of Cambridge. All have been dismissed out-of-hand by councils.

Until councillors, planners etc open their minds to innovative solutions, Cambridge is condemned to repeating the error of the past.

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