LETTER: Mini rugby festival for children in Ely was the perfect antidote to England losing to Australia

Like many others, I was quite depressed after the dismal World Cup performance of England vs Australia.

However, within 12 hours there was the perfect antidote in Ely, as a county wide mini rugby festival for six and seven year old children was staged at Downham Road, Ely on Sunday morning.

There were 13 clubs that brought children to Ely. Some 500 children played 130 matches during the morning.

There were no team winners or losers, no notes were taken of the match scores, although that did not mean the matches were not keenly contested.

All made possible by well over 100 volunteers and the local council providing an adjacent field for close to 500 cars to park.

You may also want to watch:

We all had smiles on our faces, and the reinforcement that rugby, like so many sports is much more about having fun with community friends in the fresh air, while getting exercise, both for players, volunteers and parents, than the elite professional game. Having said that, it would still have been nice to have beaten Australia!


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