LETTER: Message to Councillor Anna Bailey: think of the consequences before rushing through new ideas

It was enlightening to learn from your pages who is responsible for the new road markings at the A10/A142 BP roundabout which have caused so much chaos and confusion.

According to your report, it occurred to councillor Anna Bailey whilst sitting in a queue of traffic, that new road markings should be installed.

I would suggest this decision would have benefited from a little more analysis before being implemented.

As motorists have found out this week, new arrows on the road surface have changed the lane priorities when approaching the roundabout from Witchford.

Traffic going into Ely now has to use the right hand lane instead of the left hand lane.

The problem is the only indication of the change in priorities are the arrows at the entry to the roundabout, markings that are obscured by queuing traffic. As anyone using the roundabout in the past week will have seen, drivers aware of the change join the right hand lane at the same time as drivers unaware of the change join the left hand lane.

Both then try to exit the roundabout for Ely leading to numerous near misses.

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Whenever I have seen such road markings elsewhere there are clear signs in advance to enable drivers to safely move into the correct lane.

And whenever there is a significant change in priorities there are additional signs to warn of the change - I notice a temporary sign finally appeared towards the end of the week.

I would like to make two requests to councillor Bailey - please get proper signs installed on the approach to the roundabout before the next near miss becomes an accident and please stop and think through the consequences before rushing ahead with a poorly implemented traffic scheme next time you have an idea.


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