LETTER: ‘Maybe Waterbeach is a case where it should take a higher priority’

Passenger numbers at Waterbeach station have almost doubled in the past 10 years with nearly 350,000 using the facility last year.

Unfortunately this surge in usage has not been met with any improvements in the infrastructure. Trains are frequently full, highlighted recently by the story of a local school child being pushed off an overcrowded train, and the village is choked with parked cars.

Improvements to the rail service have been put on hold due to the indefinite postponement of the Ely North junction scheme and questions raised about the inadequate parking facilities are deflected from one agency to another in a never ending loop.

Lack of funds is often cited as a reason for the lack of investment in the service although Abelio Great Anglia received £187m in government subsidies last year they still paid out £36m in dividends to shareholders.

The area is likely to see massive development in the coming years with an 8,500 home new town planned for the area north of the village putting untold strain on a system that is already at breaking point. Infrastructure seems to come last on the list when it comes to development with promises made often broken by the developers once profits have been made. Maybe Waterbeach is a case where it should take a higher priority?


Cambridge Road

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