LETTER: ‘May I thank you so much for your unprecedented response to my letter calling for volunteers for Fenprobe Talking News’

On behalf of the Fenprobe Talking News teams and our listeners, may I thank you so much for your unprecedented response to my letter calling for volunteers.

In my letter I referred to the strong charitable ethos in our region. Nothing has proved it more than the number of people contacting me offering their services.

Three weeks ago, I visited a listener to replace her digital player. She was thrilled to be able to resume her regular news coverage and to hear us send her 90th birthday wishes.

At the time she was recovering from an operation as well as coping with her blindness, but was cheerful and very grateful for our service. Sadly, she died shortly afterwards, but her family said how much she enjoyed receiving Fenprobe.

Without our volunteers, she and others would be deprived of their link with the outside word, local news unavailable except through the local newspapers and those who transpose it into audio form.

Every region in the United Kingdom has a Talking Newspaper. If you have a relative or friend who lives outside East Cambridgeshire who could benefit from the service, you can contact the Talking News Federation: tel. 01793 497555 or email: enquiries@tnf.org.uk and they will put in touch with the relevant local TN.

Further information about Fenprobe can be found on our website, www.fenprobe.com or by contacting me on 01353 861153 or email jsmith9306@aol.com

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Once again, many thanks