LETTER: Massive thanks to all who supported town’s Poppy Appeal

The Committee and members of Soham Royal British Legion would like to take this opportunity to thank those people who generously donated money during the recent Poppy Appeal street collections.

Because of higher costs and the increasing needs of ageing members and more recently the rise in injured personnel of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, the Poppy Appeal now runs all year.

The need for money goes up each year by millions of pounds and additional money raising functions, ideas etc have to be organised, and hopefully come to a satisfactory conclusion.

As ageing members pass away, ways have to be found to replace them in order to keep the numbers up. It is unfortunate to hear of branches having to close or amalgamate to keep the Royal British Legion as a viable charity.

Like most charities, there is always a nucleus of volunteers in all communities who work hard all year round to keep the Legion in the public eye. It is not always realised by the public that they do not need to have been in the armed forces to be a member of the Royal British Legion. Anyone can be a helper without being a member, or just attending money-raising events. Every little bit helps.

Soham Branch will be running their annual Christmas bingo and draw on Monday November 23 at Soham Town Rangers Football Club, Julius Martin Lane, Soham. Doors open at 7pm. Eyes down 7.45pm. Please come along and try your luck.


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