LETTER: ‘Leave the fire service alone’

The latest thoughts from Sir Graham Bright police and crime Commissioner are absolutely spot on when it comes to more co-operation between the ‘blue light’ services when it comes to things like human resources, finance and even buildings.

But is absolutely wrong in believing that the Fire & Rescue Service which is a universally respected emergency service, who come to the aid of the public in terms of protecting and prevention at time of fire, flooding, road accidents and the like should be run by one elected individual whoever they might be.

The fire service is not and should not be thought of in anyway as part of the crime detection or prevention system it is there to save and protect life, where as the police uphold the Law of the land and assist in keeping the Queen’s peace - completely different functions altogether.

I had the privilege of serving both on the public protection committee and the Fire Authority for 20 years until 2013 with a group of accountable councillors from across the political divide whose soul concern - was providing the resources to enable Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue to give a high quality service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and have a national reputation of which we can all be proud - leave it alone, don’t let it be fought over by one political figure who more often and not is not visible, not accountable and spends far too much money on having a nice headquarters.


Former Liberal Democrat Group Leader

Cambridgeshire Fire Authority