LETTER: ‘Land can be enjoyed for itself just as a breathing space’

I would be very interested to know how the planning committee was formed, which looks at acquisition of land, how the members were elected, by whom, and exactly what all of its purposes are.

The controversy regarding the parcel of land at The Vineyards is interesting.

When householders live in a conservation area, they have to obey the rules. However, East Cambs District Council has apparently decided to completely disregard the spirit of the gift which was made in 1970 and to sell the piece of land.

One wonders what sort of survey was carried out on the use of the land. Land can be enjoyed for itself, just as a breathing space.

I understand that in the summer local workers sit there to enjoy their lunchtimes. If the costs of maintaining it were too great, why were residents not approached to see whether they would maintain it, or it could be left as a wildlife space?

How much did it cost to make any planning applications and how much would the council receive? How moral is it for the council to seek to sell this gift?

Barton Road matters

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We now learn that many public conveniences in Ely face possible closure, including the ones at Barton Road. There was a notice on the wall of the toilets in The Cloisters, some time ago, asking whether people would be willing to pay for using the facilities.

The obvious answer to that is ‘no.’ However, if it were spelled out that there needs to be a charge then so be it.

I do not envy the councils for having to balance their books, with all the cuts, but I do not like the way that they are gradually trying to downgrade Barton Road car park.

After a long journey, many people would be grateful to see public conveniences available, particularly because the next ones are a few minutes’ walk away.

I now understand that the suggested coach parking space would not be large enough for a normal sized coach, nor will it be able to reverse in the car park. Are we to have one small coach reversing into or out of Barton Road car park?

In addition, the car park adjoins a sheltered housing complex and I understand that ambulances are called there quite frequently.

The only road access to this complex is through the car park. It is very worrying that the council is seeking to possibly hinder that access.

I hope that the council will consider all of these matters very carefully and also its position regarding making Ely as attractive as possible for visitors and residents alike.


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