LETTER: It is absurd to consider linking Littleport East with Soham in boundary shake-up

It’s absolutely nuts to split the division of Littleport in to two divisions, and to put Littleport East with Soham, these two divisions are completely different, three county councillors to cover Littleport is absurd.

Littleport West, which will include a host of divisions, including, Downham Villages, Sutton and as far as Haddenham, and Anna Bailey is correct in saying that there’s no way an independent would stand a fair chance in a local election, to leaflet this new division, and with postal votes, you would be out there for days and still not manage to cover such a wide area.

I would however support Littleport merging with both Downham Villages and Sutton as these all sit within North East Cambridgeshire, and as Downham sits nicely together.

I do strongly agree with cutting the number of councillors, you can merge divisions, but have some common sense when doing it.


Via email