LETTER: ‘If then council leader has reservations about the area, why did he then endorse planting trees initiative’?

Limes close Littleport. Picture: Steve Williams.

Limes close Littleport. Picture: Steve Williams. - Credit: Archant

Mr Fred Brown is asserting that the ‘woodland garden’ to the rear of his property was plagued (six incidents reported) by anti social behaviour during 2008.

How could this be, given that the garden was not planted until 2010 as part of the Planting Parishes Initiative?

If he had such reservations about the area, why did he (as leader of ECDC) give his personal endorsement to the planting, given that he had already secured (by lease), and barred entry to it from the primary access.

Why then, he did also seek further funding for this site from the Baroness New Love Commission in 2011.

He asserts that answers could have been given to all these questions by a simple ‘ding dong on his doorbell’. Perhaps he will accept our invitation to a public meeting to discuss this as a ‘collective ding-dong’ from the community.



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