LETTER: ‘If only, back in May, we could have elicited same excitement that Jeremy Corbyn is generating now’

Huw Jones.

Huw Jones. - Credit: Archant

Non-members may be utterly confused by the outbreak of ‘fraternal democracy’ in the Labour Party.

When Ed was elected as leader, the (Blairite) Labour establishment decided that, as we had elected the ‘wrong brother’, the party rules had to be changed.

We would go beyond ‘one-member-one-vote’ for full members and union affiliates and create a new category of ‘associate members’. Associate membership would be open to anyone with £3 to spare allowing ordinary members of the public to play an equal role in electing the new leader and thus re-connect with the Labour Party.

Jeremy Corbyn has generated a wave of excitement in the political process but the (Blairite) Labour establishment have decided that he attracts the ‘wrong ordinary members of the public’ to take up associate membership.

As Labour candidate for SE Cambridgeshire in May I wish that we could have elicited the same excitement that Jeremy Corbyn is generating now.

The Labour establishment may have misgivings at the moment but my hope is that the party embraces the wave of enthusiasm the Corbyn has generated and harnesses the energy of people who are returning to Labour.


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