LETTER: ‘I fear the present proposals are just the thin end of the wedge’

I urge all who love Ely for what is today and for what in can be, to take all possible steps to prevent East Cambridgeshire District Council pressing ahead with their plans to build homes on our car park.

This council are the same people who attempted to build homes on what is today The Jubilee Gardens, happily they were foiled then and they must be stopped now.

I fear the present proposals are just the thin end of the wedge. Rushing this through without any consultation. We need urgently to know what are our council’s long term plan is for our city.

They seem hell bent on destroying what we have with their ill thought out schemes

The city of Ely is today a very desirable place to both live in and to visit, we must fight to keep it so.


St John’s Road

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