LETTER: ‘Hope plans for fast food outlets will be revisited’

I was pleased to read the comments from Cllr Bill Hunt in last week’s issue highlighting the ‘huge worry when large scale financial projects threaten the lives of ordinary citizens’.

Cllr Hunt went on to praise his fellow councillors for their unanimous decision which demonstrated that ‘big battalions can not always squash small communities’.

Although it is disappointing that this was aimed at a clean energy project, I would hope that he and his fellow councillors will view the appalling plans to site two fast food outlets within five minutes walking distance of the largest secondary school in the area in the same way.

Anyone with any concern for the health and wellbeing of our young people will view these proposals with utter disbelief. Some may come back with feeble excuses about the planning decisions already having been made.

However, given the importance of this issue and the current prevalence of childhood obesity, I would hope that this decision could be revisited in a more transparent manner in consultation with local people.