LETTER: Gap between first and second in by election “significant” says winning candidate at Soham

I read with interest the letter from Fen Tiger (last week). It is a fact that 34 per cent of those electors who cast a vote in Soham South had faith in me, my party and policies and voted in my favour.

I am flattered, indebted and thank all of those electors. In second place was UKIP with 19 per cent of the vote. By anyone’s standards, a gap of 15 per cent between first and second place parties in this by-election is a significant gap.

All those who were eligible to vote in Soham South had the opportunity. The issue is however, the sad fact that only 20 per cent of those eligible to vote actually did!! We, as politicians of all parties, must recognise this embarrassing fact.

We must understand what factors (other than England playing in the World Cup that night and the by - election being so close to the European Elections) contribute to this low turnout.

It starts with the integrity of all politicians, nationally and locally (we can hardly expect votes if we are not inspirational in the eyes of the electorate!).

We must deliver, or be seen to try our utmost to deliver, the policies we stood for when we were pestering the electorate with thousands of leaflets! We must not ‘take the foot off the gas’ when we have attained office - we must be judged by our actions. Maybe more electorate might wish to attend council meetings - we would love to see you at the Soham Pavilion for instance.

The electorate will once more have the opportunity to cast their vote both at a national and local level next year. All I ask is for as many people as possible to use this privilege - after all, there are many millions of souls worldwide who can only dream of this opportunity!

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