LETTER: Euro ‘Vote in’ needs to be more convincing

I attended the ‘European Union In or Out?’ debate, that took place at Ely Cathedral on Thursday evening.

There was a Eurovision vote stylee, and I wondered what the great Sir Terry Wogan would think of it all, looking down from the heavens.

And It didn’t surprise me that staying in the EU won the majority vote, as the chairman of a local company was there to support the IN vote, and many of his employees and friends sat there in attendance, in support of ‘Vote In’.

I chose not to vote, as I knew that the outcome was obvious, but I feel the IN campaign, will need to be more convincing and talk about how staying in will benefit future generations.

But to leave in good sprit, the event was well attended and Ely Cathedral Business Group did a grand job in truth, and thanks to Start Agnew MEP, who was the only candidate to mention what a great Cathedral, Ely has been blessed with.