LETTER: Ely’s MP is silent over refugee crisis

MP Lucy Frazer.

MP Lucy Frazer. - Credit: Archant

The events of the last week have provided an interesting opportunity to compare and contrast the communication skills of our local MPs.

In Cambridge Daniel Ziechner has been highly visible speaking at meetings and TV interviews as well as having an active presence on social media. Highlighting the plight of refugees and potential ways to assist. South Cambs MP, Heidi Allen, took to twitter on Sunday afternoon to suggest the use of defunct local army bases as temporary accommodation. This demonstrated the power of this platform with the story being picked up immediately by the BBC and Ms Allen being interviewed for local radio. Meanwhile in SE Cambs our MP, Lucy Frazer, has been notable by her absence. Ms Frazer, who limits her activity on social media to the occasional photo opportunity on Facebook, has been silent. Failing to address the concerns of her constituents let alone provide any positive action.

Maybe the news hasn’t filtered down to Hampstead yet?

Gareth Wright