LETTER: Don’t be an embarrassing dog owner - pick up your pet’s mess

As a dog owner I am appalled and disgusted by the amount of dog mess not being cleared up by other dog owners.

The verges along Norfolk road are now being used by certain dog owners who are not clearing up after the dog has gone to the toilet.

Also the footpath from Bedford Close on to the footpath along the green area between the A10 and Norfolk road has been used as a toliet by one dog whose owner has obviously not got their dog on a suitable diet, a resident of I assume of Bedford Close has put up a notice asking the owner to clear up after their dog, obviously that dog owner has ignored that notice and allowed the dog to mess in exactly the same place as I had to dodge the line of mess this morning as well as trying to guide my own dog around it.

If someone wishes to own a dog there are responsibilities that come with ownership one of which is to clear up after their dog, if you do not want to do that do not have a dog.

If you can not afford dog poop bags then buy cheap nappy bags, if you are a child walking a dog and are too embarrassed to pick it up, then ask your parent to go back and pick it up, your actions are a reflection on all dog owners so if I see your dog messing and you do not pick it up I will tell you.

And if needs be I will embarrass you just as your actions have made me feel embarrassed to be a dog owner when I see what your anti social behaviour is doing to our City.


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