LETTER: Devolution proposal ‘is an item of political expediency without discussion of the rationale’

I think the Ely Standard needs to ask the leader of ECDC a few questions about Devolution.

Firstly what consultation on devolution has taken place with the general public? As far as I am aware none.

The agreement to devolution was pushed through by the Government so that it could be announced by ‘Boy George’ on budget day.

It was an item of political expediency without discussion of the rationale.

How much is it going to cost. Mayors are well paid and then there a team and many other running costs. The concept should be put democratically to the public with all the facts.

Cambridge, our largest local city do not wish to participate. Maybe it is felt it is of no benefit to them.

The choice of counties do not fit with Cambridgeshire. A better fit is Hertfordshire or Essex or both certainly not Norfolk or Suffolk.

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Some time ago there was a concept of regional authorities which was discarded. Are we going down a similar route again?


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